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Rokers Lohmann Hen

Our Lohmann hens are also known as: Warren / Gingernut Ranger / ISA Brown / Brown Ranger / Brown Nik / Ginger Spice / Goldline. These girls have a very inquisitive nature and will certainly keep you entertained with their antics. They are ideal hens for first time chicken keepers, especially families with young children, as they are very friendly and easy to tame. A Lohmann will quite happily eat from your hand once she gets to know you! They have pretty brown/red feathers with white under-feathers and tails. These girls have a traditional “farmyard chicken” look about them. They are very similar in nature and appearance to the Blacktail hens. Lohmann hybrids are one of our most prolific layers and will provide you with approximately 320-340 fabulous large brown eggs per year.