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Rat Food & Treats

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Rosewood Naturals Celebration Cake

This fun and natural celebration cake is the perfect small animal treat for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, gerbils, mice and chinchillas. The guilt-free cake is made from 100% ingredients and the edible cellulose fibre walls and lid are dressed in a tasty carrot and coconut, topped with herb 'n' veg balls and flower petals. Inside is a wonderful herbal salad mix that your small animals will love to nibble and forage on. It's a great present for Birthdays, Christmas or 'just because' and loved by a range of small animals. The Rosewood Celebration Cake Small Animal Treat is approximately 7cm x 13.5cm x 13.5cm.

Supreme Science Selective Rat 1.5kg

A vet recommend diet specifically formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of rats, Supreme Science Selective Rat Food is a complete and balanced diet, keeping your small pet fit and healthy.

Burgess Rat - Excel Nuggets 1.5kg

Burgess Excel Rat Nuggets is a great, complete rat food that when fed alongside a continuous supply of clean, fresh water offers your rats all they need in order to stay happy and healthy. Supports healthy digestion. Maintains healthy coat and skin. Rich in protein.

Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Reggie Rat Chippies 120g

Reggie Rat and Mimi Mouse Chippies - 120g Reggie Rat & Mimi Mouse Chippies are tasty baked treats fresh from the bakery, made with the wholesome goodness of natural grains and tasty vegetables. Reggie Rat & Mimi Mouse Chippies are perfect when you want to give your rats, mice and other pets a tasty treat. They can be carefully hand fed to your pets, helping you to build those special moments together.One or two can also be hidden around your pet’s enclosure to encourage natural foraging.

Supreme Reggie Rat 850g

The Reggie Rat Food Complete Dry Mix is all that you need in keeping your pet mice or rats in good condition. This pet food is a nutritious complete diet for rats and mice of all ages and sizes. It contains selected mixtures of essential and delicious ingredients, providing vitamins and minerals to help support optimum health in your beloved pet. It is even added with linseeds to ensure healthy skin and smooth fur. The range of high-quality ingredients developed in this feed is provided in a variety of delicious flavours for your rat or mouse to promote natural feeding behaviours.

Beaphar Munching Rings 75g

Beaphar Munching Rings are a tasty snack for small animals, which satisfy the need to gnaw. The small size and compact nature of the rings makes them ideal for guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, chinchillas, and other small animals.

Beaphar Dental Easy Treat For Small Animals 60g

Beaphar Dental Easy Treat is a delicious snack for small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and others. The crunchy pieces contain vitamin C and support the natural wearing of the teeth.