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Royal Canin

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Royal Canin BHN Wet Chihuahua 85g

Composition: Meats (pork, chicken), corn starch, cellulose, sunflower oil, fish oil, sugars, natural flavouring, marigold meal (rich in lutein), amino acids (taurine, methionine), thickening stabilizer (polysaccharide thickener), zeolite -minerals (Zn, Fe, Mn, Na, P, K, Cl, I, Cu, Ca, chelated Zn, chelated Mn, Mg, chelated Cu) - vitamins (niacin, D3, E, C, choline, calcium pantothenate, B1, B2, B6, folic acid, biotin, B12)..

Royal Canin BHN Wet Poodle 85g

Meat and animal by-products, fish & fish by-products, vegetable by-products, grain, minerals, oils and fats, sugar

Royal Canin Starter Mousse Mother & Baby Dog 195g

Royal Canin Starter Mousse is a complete dog feed for the bitch (gestation or lactation) and her puppies up to 2 months old. Inspired by professional research, the Birth Programme is a nutritional diet specially designed to meet the needs of bitches and puppies in their life cycle process from gestation to weaning and growth. Made with mix of essential nutrients and additives, this moist food ensures your female`s dog enough energy intake for milk production, promoting healthy digestion. As puppies start growing they can be fed semi-solid food from three to four weeks of age. Give them a good start as they will need less maternal milk and more solid food. Mothers will require less energy as the lactation is decreased. Key features: Start complex for pregnant, nursing bitches and puppies up to 2 months old Contains essential nutrients for good energy intake Moist and soft texture for good palatibility Recommended for transition from milk to solid food Easy to open can Royal Canin Starter Mousse can be fed separately or in combination with Royal Canin Starter Dry Food.

Royal Canin Kitten Starter Pack

KITTEN STARTER PACKS INCLUDE: 1 x Kitten 400g bag, 3 x Kitten in gravy 85g wet pouches, 1 x Kitten bowl, 1 x Kitten tunnel, 1 x Catnip ball, 1 x Blanket, 1 x Kitten Guide, 1 x Product leaflet, 1 x Competition insert

Royal Canin Sterilised Appetite Control 400g

Balanced and complete feed for cats. Specially for neutered cats (from 1 to 7 years old) with a tendency to beg for food Hunger management - After neutering certain cats become difficult to satisfy. It contains a high level (compared to a high quality maintenance feed) of specific fibres wich both satisfy the appetite of cats with a tendency

Royal Canin Fit 32 10kg

Regular Adult Maintenance Fit 32 for adult cats from 1-7 years old. Adult maintenance.

Royal Canin Medium Adult 4kg

Complete feed for adult medium breed dogs (from 11 to 25 kg), over 12 months.
£15.26 £17.95

Royal Canin Medium Puppy 4kg

Royal Canin Medium Puppy is delicious food for pups up to 12 months old of medium-sized dog breeds with an adult weight of between 11 and 25 kilos. This food supports the natural immune system and ensures a healthy digestive system. The natural ingredients ensure that you give your pup plenty of support to grow during its first 12 months.
£15.72 £18.50

Royal Canin Hairball Care 2kg

Balanced and complete feed for adult cats - Recommended to help reduce hairball formation.
£16.40 £19.30

Royal Canin Mini Adult 4kg

Complete feed for adult dogs - For small breed dogs (adult weight up to 10 kg) - Over 10 months old.
£15.26 £17.95

Royal Canin Medium Ageing 10+ 3kg

If you have a medium breed dog with more than ten years, then you need to give him the food Ageing +10 of Royal Canin Medium. The reasons are obvious: Royal Canin has developed this food in order to help your dog to fight against the first signs of ageing, helping your dog to maintain his activity for much longer. Furthermore, the food Medium Ageing +10 helps your pet's health and intestinal transit through its proteins, specifically selected for their high digestibility and a balanced intake of fiber that supports digestion and stool quality.
£14.54 £17.10

Royal Canin Ageing +12 2kg

Royal Canin Ageing Cat 12 Plus 2kg is a Complete feed for cats over 12 years old.
£14.41 £16.95