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Shires Air Motion Fly Mask With Ears & Nose Pink

A comfortable solution to insect and fly irritation during warm weather, the breathable 3D Air Motion fabric used in these fly masks offers advanced cooling action, actively circulating the air to keep moisture levels low. Heat build up is reduced and dryness is promoted. Aerated ears and elasticated fleece seam trims ensure a close, comfortable fit.
From £21.99

Shires Greedy Feeder Net 39" Royal

Slow your greedy feeder down for better digestion and extended stable activity. Very small holes let hay or haylage out slowly and make the horse have to work harder and greatly reduces the amount of wastage on the stable floor. Longer forage time means less opportunity for boredom and inactivity.

Shires Flyguard Fine Mesh Fly Mask With Ears & Nose Black

A fine mesh fly veil complete with air stream fabric ears, and nose extension for excellent protection against small flies and midges.
From £18.95

Shires Deluxe Fly Mask With Nose Fringe Purple

Ideal for sensitive horses, these fine mesh fly masks are lifted away from the face by a combination of reinforced darts and fleecy seam padding for enhanced comfort, stretchy at the poll for a close fit.
From £21.00

Shires Flyguard Pro Sun Shade Fly Mask White

Ideal for helping your horse if they suffer from photosensitisation or pale pigmentation, the Shire FlyGuard Pro Sun Shade Fly Mask provides sun protection to the head, cheeks and delicate nose area. Offering substantial UV protection, the mask has been made using Shires Contour Comfort Fit, combined with anti-rub binding technology to help keep your horse safe, yet comfortable as they enjoy some down time out in the field, whilst still offering them all the protection they need to keep them safe.
From £26.50

Shires Comfort Grazing Muzzle

Shires grazing muzzles are proven to help with controlled or restricted feeding regimes and special diets.
From £22.50

Shires Haynet 42" Black

Extra strong nylon haynet with larger holes and metal rings.

Shires Deluxe Grooming Box Plum

These large, sturdy tack boxes help keep you organised and tidy in the yard. The internal space is divided in two, allowing you to arrange your kit logically. A separate tray lifts out for easy portability. The deep lid fastens with two clips and the whole box can be padlocked if needed. Dimensions: W. 39cm x H. 30cm x D. 28cm.

Shires ARMA Subzero Ice Boots

ARMA SubZero Ice Boots use cryotherapy ice cold therapy which reduces blood flow to the treated area to help speed up recovery. Useful in daily remedial management, post exercise extreme cold therapy is also helpful for treating acute injury; reducing the inflammatory response and for analgesic benefit to reduce pain. Quick and easy to use and suitable for any area of the horse leg. Chill boots in the freezer to activate the gel and use immediately or store in a cool bag if using out and about. Wrapped around the affected area of the leg, the 32 gel cushions in each boot conform to the leg shape for full coverage, quick close elastic straps secure the fit. Suitable for use on any part of the front or hind legs. Set of 2.

Shires Flyguard Fine Mesh Fly Mask Earless Teal

A fine mesh fly mask that keeps out midges and small flies and midges. Ears and poll are left uncovered making this fly mask particularly good for horses that dislike their ears being touched or for horses with a large forelock.
From £15.50

Shires Tempest Original Stable Sheet Marine

A great all-rounder, the stable sheet is useful for travelling and in the stable. Durable, close weave fabric is moisture wicking and fast drying to keep the horse comfortable during the summer months. Lightweight and breathable. Moisture wicking. Creates micro-climate to prevent chilling. Twin blanket set chest straps, adjustable cross surcingles, fillet string.
From £35.00

Shires Supafleece Seat Saver

Feel it to believe it! SupaFleece looks like sheepskin, wears like sheepskin, washes better than sheepskin and dries super fast!
From £23.75