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Electric Fencing

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Agrifence 12V Rechargeable Fencer Leisure Battery

75 Ah Deep cycle wet battery, lead acid filled, provides a slow discharge without any degradation.

Agrifence 6M Elastic Gate Break

This Electro-gate with elasticated rope means animals are less likely to get tails tangled and caught in fencing. It is fully adjustable from 2-6m (6-20 feet) and includes two gate break insulators, gate handle and rope.

Agrifence 6V Battery Pj996

6 Volt battery for general use.

Agrifence 9V Dry Battery 55Ah

Non-Rechargable air-alkaline dry batteries for use with B250, B250 Solar and other 9v energisers

Agrifence 9V Dry Battery 90Ah

A non-rechargeable air-alkaline dry battery for use with 9v energisers.

Agrifence Battery Earth Stake 30cm

Agrifence Earth Stake is extremely tough and is made from hardened steel. It features a clamp for quick and easy installation and removal.

Agrifence Circuit Breaker Pro 3 Way Fence Switch

Professional Circuit breaker with 4 operating positions

Agrifence Classic Gate Anchor 4 Pack

Gate break post insulator for spring gates and/or tape gate connections. Sold in 4 packs

Agrifence Coloured Gate Handles

Insulated handle connection for access through electric fences. Internal extension spring to provide tension on the line.

Agrifence Croc Clip And Lead Set

2 Crocodile clips with leads.

Agrifence Crocodile Clips No Leads

A pair of Crocodile Clips without leads for general use. They have a quick release connection.

Agrifence DP1205e Energiser Dual Power Eco 1J

Very Robust and extremely reliable Dual Power Energiser. Equally at home running on a 12 V battery or mains power.