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Agrifence Coloured Gate Handles

Insulated handle connection for access through electric fences. Internal extension spring to provide tension on the line.

Agrifence HPX Ring Insulator Screw 25 Pack

Insulator for rope, wire and tapes up to 20mm wide. Ring reinforced against shocks. Rounded edges to protect the conductors.

Fenceman Insulator Screw On Tape 40mm 100 Pack

The Fenceman Insulator Short Screw 40mm allows electric fencing to be attached to permanent fixtures easily and securely without affecting the efficiency of the line. Pack of 100.

Agrifence HPX Tape Insulator 100 Pack

100 Pack. The clip insulator tapes up to 40mm and has a built-in buffer to protect the tape from wear & tear.

Agrifence Heavy Duty Gate Handle

Extra large heavy duty gate handle for maximum insulation. Internal compression spring protects against over-extension and ensures longer life.

Agrifence Offset Ring Insulator 10 Pack

10 pack - Offset ring insulator (21cm) for wires, ropes and tapes up to 12mm wide. Cranked arm to allow higher positioning of the rope or wire.

Agrifence Croc Clip And Lead Set

2 Crocodile clips with leads.

Fenceman Elastic Gate Set 5M

Fenceman Electric Elasticated Gate Pack

Agrifence Isobar Gate Break Insulator 4 Pack

Gate break post insulator for spring gates and/or tape gate connections. Sold in 4 packs

Agrifence HPX Tape Insulator 25 Pack

Clip insulator for tapes up to 40mm. The precision locking clip has a built-in buffer to protect the tape from wear & tear.

Agrifence Wet Battery Leads 2 Pack

Use to enable a 9 V energiser to run off a 12 V battery. The spring clip ends fit easily and securely to the pillar type battery terminals for maximum connectivity.

Agrifence Line To Line Connector For Tape 40mm

Used to link two tape levels. Creates a link over the entire surface of the tape with perfect contact.