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Fenceman Energiser DP350B 6 / 12v 0.24 / 0.67J

Battery energiser with alternative power sources. 4D cell batteries included or alternatively use a 12 volt battery. Earth stake included.

Fenceman Energiser CP450 12V/0.43J

The CP450 with constant power technology features full and low power settings and indicators as well as pulse and battery warning light.

Fenceman CP900 Energiser

The CP900 with constant power technology, D cell battery back-up system, four modes of operation, staged battery warning system.

Agrifence Micro 3 Energiser 3V

A very handy, low powered energiser excellent for short fence lines in good conditions or for other temporary fences such as at weekend shows etc. Small enough to hang straight off the fence line, post or earth stake. It is powered by 2 x D-Cell batteries. Batteries not included.

Agrifence DP1205e Energiser Dual Power Eco 1J

Very Robust and extremely reliable Dual Power Energiser. Equally at home running on a 12 V battery or mains power.

Agrifence DP1210e Energiser Dual Power Eco 2J

Dual powered energiser that can extend the life of the battery charge by up to 4 times

Agrifence DP1220e Energiser Dual Power Eco 3J

The New Dual Powered Energiser that extends the life of the battery charge by to 4 times.

Fenceman M100 Mains Energiser

Compact mains fencer suitable for horse paddocks and small holdings. Small economical, 1.2J pulse energy – suitable for up to 12km fence with vegetation. Three year guarantee.

Agrifence Paddock Pro Mains Energiser 0.2J

Compact Mains Energiser with 3 year warranty.Ideal for short fences where mains power is required. Compact and easy to use. 0.2J.

Agrifence SP18 Solar Energiser 0.23J

All in one solar energiser, easy to use and designed to last throughout the grazing season. Powertonic technology monitors the fence and only sends full power when it is needed. It is necessary to recharge the battery via the mains during the winter.

Agrifence DP1230e Energiser Dual Power Eco 5J

The New Dual Powered Energiser that extends the life of the battery charge by to 4 times.

Fenceman Battery Energiser B860

Highly portable battery fencer suitable for strip grazing, paddocks and larger areas. Uses latest microprocessor based circuitry for high efficiency. Two modes of operation – High Power and Battery Conserving Normal Mode. Fast & Slow Pulse rate options with Day and Night Modes. Low battery indicator. Will power up to 7km single line well insulated fencing. Comes complete with earth stake, HT lead and Teeth Free Clasp. Comes with a 12v lead set. Three year guarantee.