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Horslyx Smallholder Lick 15kg

Horslyx Smallholder Block is a palatable, high energy, mineralised feed lick which provides a concentrated source of sugar which is important to help maintain rumen digestive efficiency, since grass sugar levels fall dramatically both after dull, wet weather and as the grazing season progresses from summer into autumn. Sugar is vital for optimum forage digestion in ruminants. Smallholder Block is a free access, highly palatable and weather proof lick that encourages a natural, trickle feeding grazing pattern and balances the nutrient deficiencies in modern forage and grazing.

Heygates Breeding Sow Nuts 20kg

Heygates breeding sow nuts are a quality ration designed to promote milk production. A maintenance ration for a typical sow is around 2.5kg per day. After farrowing increase the feed gradually over the first 10 days. A good rule of thumb is to feed 2kg plus 0.5kg per piglet. At weaning reduce the feed to maintenance levels unless the sow is very thin. 16% protein and 6% fibre.

Heygates Bruised/Rolled Oats 20kg

Makes the energy from the grains more easily available to the horse's digestive system Helps to make the feed non heating while still providing valuable nutrients

Rokers Cut Maize 20kg

Perfect for chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys and other domesticated fowls, this natural poultry feed only contains maize. Poultry Cut Maize is designed to provide ample energy without exposing your birds to unnatural ingredients that might hinder their development or damage their health. 100% natural Comes in 20kg bags Suitable for all poultry Contains only broken maize No fixed servings, provide as much as required Should be given alongside plenty of clean water