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Smart Grooming Smart Manes Coarse

The Smart Grooming Smart Manes Thinning & Tidying Rake will actually thin out a thick mane quickly and effortlessly and is perfect for tidying horses that usually react to traditional pulling methods. Guaranteed to work on even the most sensitive.

Smart Grooming Deep Purple Whitening Shampoo 500ml

A conditioning shampoo that helps to neutralise and lift yellow and stubborn stable and grass stains. This superb shampoo is gentle but effective and contains essential oils of lavender to soothe sensitive skins. Can be applied neat or diluted depending on the severity of staining. For very yellow tails, use neat and directly on the tail. Rub the hair together and lather in well, leave on for a few minutes, rinse and repeat.

Smart Grooming Hoof Shine Natural 425g

Smart Grooming Hoof Shine is made from natural ingredients including Beeswax and Tea tree oil which are known for their anti bacterial, moisturising and conditioning properties. This hoof preparation can be applied every day to improve hoof condition as well as maintaining existing healthy hooves. Hoof Shine is soft and very easy to apply and maintains the same consistency in all temperatures. Apply directly to the underside of the hoof paying particular attention to the frog and cleft areas as well as applying on the hoof wall giving a high shine finish allowing the natural colour of the hoof to show through.

Smart Grooming Plaiting Gel 100g

Smart Grooming Plaiting Gel provides maximum hold and control whilst keeping the plait or braid moist and pliable. A light, clear gel providing tackiness once in the mane, allowing extra grip and lasting control. A high quality formula to tame and hold stray hair and unruly manes for defined, perfect plaits. Use sparingly, a little goes a long way. Adds shine without attracting dust.

Smart Grooming Plaiting Wax 75g

Smooths and holds stray hairs to perfect the final finish

Smart Grooming 6" Double Leg Thinning Scissors

Smart Grooming 6'' Double leg thinning scissors for horses are great for a thick coat. These scissors will remove smaller amounts of hair compared to the single thinning leg scissors.

Smart Grooming 6" Single Leg Thinning Scissors

Smart Grooming 6'' Single leg thinning scissors are great for thinning out thick areas quickly. Quality satin finished stainless steel scissors with finger rest, with a smooth cutting action.

Smart Grooming Perfect Plaits 500ml

Smart Grooming Perfect Plaits is a winning plaiting and braiding formula that helps plaits stay firm but with a natural look and keeps hair in place all day. Perfect Plaits contains citronella for added benefit in the summer months. Use sparingly – spray on mane after plaiting to ensure hold. Use in conjunction with our Plaiting Wax and Plaiting Gel for ease of use and best results.

Smart Grooming 5" Pointed Scissors

Smart Grooming 5'' Pointed Scissors for horses are ideal for accurate trimming. Made from quality stainless steel, giving a smooth cutting action. The scissors have a comfortable hold and a satin finish. A sensible choice to add to the trimming and tidying kit.

Smart Grooming Gloss N Go Finishing Spray 500ml

Smart Grooming Gloss N Go finishing spray is a high gloss formula similar to the Super Shine but in a trigger spray format. Ideal used after plaiting to give extra shine to plaits and for a final spray over tails and body before performance. Also used in the winter as a mud barrier and as a preventative for mud fever. Spray generously on legs and areas that need mud prevention before turning out

Smart Grooming Leg And Body Whitener Pouch 500g

Smart Grooming’s Leg and Body Whitener is a chalk based powder that creates absolute whiteness on socks and other white areas and is particularly good when used in conjunction with Deep Purple shampoo or Polar White for achieving the whitest socks imaginable! Apply with a damp sponge and dip into the powder. Apply to body and leg areas where required. Leave to dry and then remove excess with a clean brush. Can be used the night before a show and then apply leg bandages or wraps.

Smart Grooming Accessories Pouch One Size

This fabulous handy accessories pouch is ideal for all the little extras that are needed for plaiting and tidying. Perfect for keeping them all in one place. Great to store hair accessories, make up (horse of course!), bridle numbers, combs and so much more. It is made from hard wearing black cotton drill, with all pockets lined. It is well finished, with a hard wearing brass zip and red leather tag.