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Spillers Senior Conditioning Mix 20kg

Ultimate nutrition for horses requiring weight gain
£12.95 £14.45

Spillers Senior Complete Care Mix 20kg

Helping to keep them young at heart
£12.00 £13.50

Spillers Ulca Fibre 20kg

Ultra-low starch, high oil fibre feed for those prone to gastric ulcers
£14.99 £16.49

Spillers Digest+ Conditioning Cubes 20kg

These conditioning cubes from Spillers are a high calorie horse feed that is designed to build condition whilst maintaining a healthy digestive system. The cubes are packed with highly digestible fibres and are high in oil. This releases energy slowly and reduces the horses reliance on a cereal starch. The feed is low in starch and molasses free and has no added sugar. It contains pre and probiotics which are included to support a healthy population of good bacteria in the gut and the high quality protein supports good muscle tone and topline development

Spillers Conditioning Fibre 20kg

Healthy condition & coat shine from within.

Spillers Speedy Mash 20kg

Super-fast soaking sugar beet blend for all horses and ponies

Spillers Response Instant Energy Mix 20kg

Ideal for laid back competition horses

Spillers Shine+ Conditioning Mix 20kg

Improves topline without excitability.

Spillers Herb Treats + Glucosamine 1kg

A tasty treat made from the best quality herbs with added glucosamine.

Spillers Treats Spearmint 1kg

A tasty treat made with the delicious taste of spearmint.

Spillers Treats Meadow Herb 1kg

A tasty treat made from the best quality herbs.

Spillers Alfalfa Pro Fibre 20kg

Pure Alfalfa blend with oil for optimum condition.