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Stubbs Mountie Plastic Mounting Block

Tough and durable Stubbythene moulding with slip resistant treads and rounded corners.
From £37.50

Stubbs Manure Basket Rope Handle S44/A 35L

Originally produced for the USA, this is a smaller version of the beefy S44 Large Manure Basket.
From £25.95

Stubbs Economy Salt Lick Holder Black

Lighter construction than the S25 with ordinary plastic coating, yet very popular. Accepts standard brick type licks. Height 21cm, Width 11cm, Depth 3cm, Weight 0.39kg.

Stubbs Anti Weave Grid Standard 104cm X 76cm

Universally used, these are wonderfully effective.

Slip Rail Brackets

Providing a simple access to field or paddock, these slip rail brackets accept rails up to 12.5 x 7.5cm. Height 29cm, Width 5cm, Depth 8cm, Weight 1.25kg.

Stubbs Corner Manger 31L S2P

With smooth lines, this full size manger is made from tough Stubbythene.
From £18.50

Stubbs Corner Manger Support Frame

Slightly undersized, this frame creates a friction grip of the S2P manger.

Stubbs Saddle Mate S500

Putting your arm through this instead of just the saddle means you carry your saddle horse, grooming kit AND saddle all together.
From £29.95

Stubbs Jumbo Bucket S43 35L

A favourite with many as its large capacity saves the late night top up of water. It is also a fine feed bucket.
From £21.75

Stubbs Manure Basket Rope Handle S44 81L

This has reinforced eyes and stout rope handles. Particularly heavy duty.
From £33.00