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Suet To Go

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Suet to Go Suet Balls Single

Suet To Go Suet Balls are a premium quality suet treat for garden birds. Each insect suet ball weigh 90g and contain no fillers which makes them a nutritious source of complementary feed especially at times when natural resources may be depleted.

Suet to Go Half Coco Feeder Original Tub Mealworm 10 Pack

Suet To Go half coconut feeders in an easy carry out tub.

Suet To Go Insect & Mealworm Suet Logs 6-Pack

High Energy Wild Bird Treat made using beef suet mealworms and insects

Suet To Go Suet Balls 150 Pack Sunflower

Suet To Go® Sunflower Suet Balls are a premium quality bird feed which are great for year round feeding! These balls contain small pieces of protein-rich kibbled sunflower hearts, which are easy for smaller birds to consume.

Suet To Go Jumbo Suet Stick With Insect 500g

Suet To Go is specially formulated using top quality ingredients, providing a nutritious, high energy treat, ideal for year round feeding.

Suet To Go Peckaballs Berry 1kg

Our Suet To Go Peckaballs are a great source of energy, made with our high fat formula and a three seed mix, these suet balls are easily digested by birds for that quick fly by treat. The bright red colour of these berry Peckaballs are sure to attract birds to your garden and give them the valuable nutrients they need. These suet treats fit perfectly in many of our Suet To Go feeders including the bespoke tube and flexi feeder. Or simply place on the table top for a great birdy snack.

Suet To Go Peckaballs Mealworm 1kg

These Suet To Go® Mealworm Peckaballs are a great source of protein and vitamins for your garden birds. This recipe is easily digested, making for a quick treat to help birds stay energised. The tasty mealworms inside these suet balls will keep the birds coming back for more! Simply place the Peckaballs in one of our Suet To Go feeders which include our bespoke tube or flexi feeder. Or simply place on the table top and watch the birds flock to this complementary feed. Remember, make sure you hang the feeders at a safe height away from predators!

Trust Pet Birdy Butter Peanut & Mealworm 350g

Our Birdy Butter is a safe alternative to peanut butter. Ordinary peanut butter typically has a high salt content which can be bad for birds, so we have created this bird-safe blend to ensure your garden birds don’t miss out!

Suet To Go Block Peanut 10 Pack

Can be fed using any standard suet block feeder Highly nutritious suet blocks Easy to handle Tasty and will encourage birds into your garden Should not melt in hot summer

Mealworms 5kg

These all-natural treats are made from one ingredient farm-raised mealworms with no added preservatives. They provide an easy source of energy with tons of protein and fat. You can add them to your favourite seed blend or simply give them a delicious treat. Available in 5kg and 12.5kg.
£37.95 £39.99

Suet To Go Suet Balls 150 Pack Insect

These refill packs contain 150 x 90g 'Super Premium' suet balls which are made from Wheat Flour, Beef Fat (25%), Millet Seed, Linseed, Rapeseed, Peanut Flour and Insect Flour. They can be fed all year round and attract many birds including Bluetits, Robins, Woodpeckers and Blackbirds.