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Unwins Basil Italian Seeds

A fantastic Italian basil with an intense flavour that produces high yields of great tasting leaves. This basil is perfect for adding to salads or cooking.

Unwins Sweet Corn Goldcrest Seeds

This impressive supersweet variety of sweet corn has well filled cobs that will taste delicious freshly picked, cooked & served with lashings of butter. A mid season variety that grows on strong, vigorous plants and performs well in the British climate. Sweet flavour. Large cobs. Sow: Mar-May. Blooms: Aug-Sep.

Unwins Carrot Resistafly F1 Seeds

This carrot is an F1 variety meaning it has excellent disease resistance and also as the name suggests resists again carrot root fly. Expect the crops to be large, smooth and cylindrical with excellent flavour.

Unwins Runner Bean Scarlet Emperor Seeds

Scarlet Emperor has been a favourite for decades, which is no surprise. It yields long, straight pods of excellent flavour. Sliced and blanched, it freezes well to provide tasty out-of-season treats.

Unwins Carrot Rainbow Mix F1 Seeds

Choose this unique combination for a natural and vibrant mixture of different coloured roots, from white, yellow and orange through to a rich red. These sweet, juicy and tender carrots are ideal to brighten up salads, soups and stir-fries. Delicious.

Unwins Strawberry Florian Seeds

Florian is ideal for growing under glass or in baskets and containers.The striking apple blossom pink flowers produce heavy crops of juicy red delicious fruit. Perfect for containers. Perfect for snacking and desserts. Sow Date: Jan-Mar.

Unwins Squash (Butternut) Hunter F1 Seeds

This is the first Butternut squash to be bred in the UK to give excellent results in our climate whatever the weather. Strong healthy plants will give a bumper crop of squashes which are full of flavour when roasted, boiled or mashed. Bronze-green foliage. Dwarf variety. Sow Date: Mar-May.

Unwins Herb Coriander Fine Leaved Seeds

Fine leaved coriander with edible leaves and seeds to leave a fresh citrus taste

Unwins Pea (Mangetout) Delikata Seeds

At last a mangetout pea which produces a delicious crop of conventional peas even when the pods are "past it" for mangetout purposes! Lightly steamed or boiled, mangetout peas can turn a meal into a feast, but they are just as easy to grow as any other peas. A welcome addition to summer salads when cooked and served still warm. Sow March to May. Harvest June to August.

Unwins Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition Seeds

Well suited to both spring or autumn sowings. Bunyards takes some beating for all round performance. This long podded variety has 8-9 white beans per pod, with delicious flavour and texture.

Unwins Cress Land American Salad Seeds

Land cress is the next best thing to watercress, but does not need running water to produce a delicious crop. It is best in a shady spot, so is good for inter-cropping with taller vegetables. It thrives with plenty of moisture in the soil and the leaves can be picked all year round to add a ‘zing’ to salads. High yielding. Yellow fruit. Sow Date: Mar-Sep.

Unwins Carrot Autumn King 2 Seeds

A splendid maincrop which has large, heavy roots that can be lifted from late summer through into winter. A splendid maincrop which has large, heavy roots that can be lifted from late summer through into winter. Great colour and flavour. The roots also store well if cleaned and packed in boxes of dry sand or compost.