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Unwins Herb Collection Seeds

Herb Collection is a great value pack of cottage garden favourites for beds, borders & containers. Herb Collection is a great value pack of cottage garden favourites for beds, borders & containers. Herb Collection is a great value pack of cottage garden favourites for beds, borders & containers.

Unwins Squash Patty Pan Mix Seeds

Squash Sunburst is so easy to grow. Producing masses of bright yellow, butter colour patty pan fruits this high yielding variety is a real winner. Sow - March to July. Harvest - July to October.

Unwins Radish French Breakfast 3 Seeds

Perhaps the fastest-growing radish of all- so great to grow with your children too�as they can help to sow and see results in just weeks. Ideal for tasty summer salads, this traditional, classic variety has long scarlet roots with a white tip and a mild flavour.

Unwins Courgette Zucchini F1 Seeds

Courgette Zucchini F1. Reliable and early cropper. Delicious summer vegetable. Can be grown in the flower border.

Unwins Leek Stamford F1 Seeds

The Stamford F1 leek seeds have won an RHS award for garden merit, this leek variety is known for its rust resistance & long white shanks. It is an British bred leek variety than is a consistent performer.

Unwins Lettuce Baby Leaf Mix Seeds

A fantastic blend of lettuce leaves that can be harvested as cut and come again or as baby leaf. This highly disease resistant variety will ensure you have a great crop all the way through to the summer and into early autumn. Sow March - October. Harvest May - October.

Unwins Salad Leaf Spicy Mix Seeds

A tasty mix of hot, cool and refreshing salad leaves. Includes Pak Choi, Mizuna, Tatsol, Mustard and Cress. Really easy to grow in containers and great for salads and garnishes. Sow March - October. Harvest May - November.

Unwins Pea (Mangetout) Delikata Seeds

At last a mangetout pea which produces a delicious crop of conventional peas even when the pods are "past it" for mangetout purposes! Lightly steamed or boiled, mangetout peas can turn a meal into a feast, but they are just as easy to grow as any other peas. A welcome addition to summer salads when cooked and served still warm. Sow March to May. Harvest June to August.

Unwins Parsnip Albion F1 Seeds

This is one of the best parsnips around, with smooth, long tapering roots that grow very strongly and evenly. Bred for resistance to Parsnip canker and other diseases, Albion is well suited to organic growing. The excellent sweet flavour improves further after the first frosts.

Unwins Aubergine Moneymaker F1 Seeds

Exotic looking vegetable grow like tomatoes in patio pots close to the house.

Unwins Cucumber Mini Munch F1 Seeds

Mini Munch is delicious, thin-skinned and very heavy cropping – expect up to 20 fruit per week per plant!

Unwins Pumpkin Atlantic Giant Seeds

If you want to try and grow the world’s heaviest pumpkin, this is the variety to choose! In North America, specimens weighing more than 1000lb are regularly grown. Even if you don’t want monsters, this is worth growing for pumpkin pies, soups, or roasting with Sunday lunch. Edible roots & leaves. Winter harvest. Sow:Mar-May. Blooms: Sep.