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Versele Laga

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Versele Laga Colombine Grit & Redstone 20kg

Versele Laga Colombine Grit & Redstone is made up of washed and sterilized grit and red stone The mixture contains gastric grinding stones, silex-stones, oyster shells, sea shells, red stone and charcoal Also contains aniseed Ensures an optimal digestion and produces solid droppings.

Versele Laga Exotic Nuts Mix 750g

Versele-Laga Exotic Nuts for Parrots provides a carefully selected selection of grains which has also been enriched with delicious unshelled nuts and sun-ripened dried fruits. Only fresh products are used in this mix and there is absolutely no artificial colours or flavourings. Each bag is re-sealable for freshness.

Versele Laga Fruity Parrot Mix 15kg

High quality mixture with seeds. puffed grains and dried fruit

Versele Laga Prestige Exotic Fruit Mix 600g

Premium grains, seeds & fruit mix: a real treat for parrots