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Agrivite Chicken Lickin Nutri-Sect Insect Block 230G

Unique and nutritional pecking block containing a specially selected mixture of insects, grains, seeds and herbal extracts designed to provide nutritional support and protein for all birds.

Agrivite Chicken Likin Nutri-Sect Insect Mix 2Kg

Complementary feed for wild birds. A delectable mix of whole grains, insects and tasty morsels suitable for all birds.

Agrivite Nutri-Sect Insect Mix 850g

Complementary feed for wild birds. A delectable mix of whole grains, insects and tasty morsels suitable for all birds.

Brambles Swan & Duck Food 1.75kg

Brambles Swan & Duck Food floats and is crammed with nutritious ingredients including peas, rice, wheat, linseed and fishmeal. It is  a complementary food specially formulated to give the right balance of nutrients, vitamins & minerals for swans and ducks. As the food floats, you can see when it is time to stop feeding.

Bucktons Premium Wild Bird 20kg

Our Premium high energy no mess blend will attract a wide range of popular garden birds. No mess blend 100% pure and natural High energy blend Attracts a wide range of popular garden birds

Colonels French Whole Maize Roundberry 25kg

French maize is a very popular particle used by anglers. French maize can be fed in quantity into your swim for a carpet feed effect, and can also be used on the hook. It can be very effective when used in conjunction with multiple magic or red band and is a lot harder than Sweetcorn. French Maize is great for use all year round. Directions: Soak for 12 hours then boil for 30 mins.

Colonels Robin Seed 15kg

A table food specifically formulated for Robins, and most small birds. Containing mealworms and fruit this mixture is very nutritious and palatable.

Gardman Mealworms 200g

Dried Insects closely resembling natural foods found in the wild, Rich in Protein and Essential Oils, attracts Robins, Siskins and many other insect loving species. Packed in an easy pour, resealable pouch Suitable for use in mealworm feeders, on bird tables and ground feeding

Gardman No Grow Seed and Insect 2kg

Bring a wealth of wild birds to your garden with this rich seed blend. Attracts Blue Tits Chaffinches Dunnocks Great Tits Long-Tailed Tits Robins and other wild birds. NO GROW - No germinating seeds Suitable for use in seed feeders on bird tables and on the ground. 2kg - Keep Fresh Pack with resealable sticker

Gardman Nyger Seed 1.8KG

Oil rich small seeds that are favourites of Goldfinches Also attracts Pine Siskins, Redpolls and other species of small birds Suitable for use in nyger seed feeders 1.8kg

Gardman Suet Feast Block Berry 300g

Suet provides a source of high energy for wild birds particularly through the winter months. Attracts Song Thrushes Blue Tits Coal Tits Starlings and other species. Suitable for use in suet feast feeders and on bird tables.

Gardman Suet Feast Block Mixed 3 Pack

Gardman super feast pack contains 3 different flavour feasts peanut & sunflower seed, peanut and sunflower hearts and peanut & berry. Recommended for all year round feeding to give wild birds their daily nutrients. Suitable to be placed in suet feeders, on birds tables and ground feeding.