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Rokers Wild Bird Food Tub - Peanut 3.5kg

Tub is 100% recyclable.

Rokers Wild Bird Food Tub - Mealworms 1kg

Tub is 100% recyclable.

50% Mealworm & 50% Calciworm Treats 1kg

Berry 50% Mealworms & 50% Calciworms Treats. A mix of Mealworms and Calci Worms, an all year rounds treat, enjoyed by many garden birds.
From £6.50

Peckish Natural Balance Energy Balls 50 Tub

Our Peckish Natural Balance Energy Balls are made from 100% natural ingredients. Each ingredient has been chosen to fuel garden birds for longer. Packed with high energy ingredients and enriched with sunflower seeds. Both naturally good from the inside and out these energy balls will help give birds the nutrients they need all year round.
From £7.00

Gardman Supreme Suet Balls Tub No Net 50pk

Fat based feeds are an excellent source of energy, predominantly associated with winter feeding, however our suet range offers an essential high energy supplement which is a year round favourite with our feathered friends. Suitable for use in fat snax feeders, on bird tables and ground feeding. Our Suet Balls are made from a high quality suet, seed and cereal mix, and are packed in a convenient resealable plastic tub to ensure they are kept in tip top condition until needed.
From £12.50

Peckish Extra Goodness Balls 50 Box

Peckish Extra Goodness Balls contain Extra Protein, Extra Seed and Extra Energy, to help fuel birds for longer!
From £10.00

Rokers Fat Balls Large

Large Wild bird Fat balls or suet balls have a very high calorie content, which makes them an ideal foodstuff for wild birds especially during the cold winter months and during the breeding season. These Suet balls are very large and are great for use in garden which attracts a large quantity of birds, as they last for a long time. Furthermore, the suet treats are super convenient to handle and are great for all-year round feeding as they attract a wide variety of birds to your garden. These balls contain suet, grains, oil and mixed seeds. Sold as single balls.
From £1.25