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Breyer Austin Cowboy 8" Figure

This fully articulated cowpuncher is ready to rodeo! Smartly dressed in jeans with black chaps, black cowboy hat, boots and yellow shirt.

Breyer Best of British Irish Draught

The Irish Draught horse is the national horse of Ireland. They were originally used on farms but now are used to breed with Warmblood and Thoroughbred horses to produce the popular Irish Sport Horse.

Breyer Classics Collection Chestnut Appaloosa

The Appaloosa is known for its uniquely spotted coat that comes in many patterns.

Breyer Classics Collection Chestnut Quarter Horse

American Quarter Horses, so named because they are the fastest horses in the world at a quarter of a mile, are a versatile breed known for their intelligence, and docile and steady demeanor.

Breyer Classics Collection Chestnut Sports Horse

The term Sport Horse is relatively new in the world of horses and generally refers more to a type of horse than a particular breed. In general, sport horses refer to horses that are often Warmbloods or a mix of Warmblood and Thoroughbred.

Breyer Classics Collection Palomino Morgan

A Morgan Horse is distinctive for its stamina and vigor, personality and eagerness and strong natural way of moving. They excel as show horses and pleasure horses and are popular driving horses as well.

Breyer Clouds Legend

Cloud, a palomino mustang stallion roaming free in Montana's Pryor Mountains, had his life documented from birth by Emmy-winning filmmaker Ginger Kathrens. As an aging stallion, Cloud sired his final three foals with mare Feldspar: Mato Ska, Encore and Pride.

Breyer Country Stable With Wash Stall

This Classics stable is loaded with fun features, and you will love how easy this stable is to assemble - just snap it together!

Breyer Freedom Series Buckskin Hanoverian

Athletic and stylish, the Hanoverian is a popular choice for top competitors. This 1:12 scale model is authentically crafted and hand-painted and is perfect for young collectors.

Breyer Freedom Series Grey Saddlebred

Saddlebreds are best known for their smooth gaits and exciting high-stepping action. This 1:12 scale model is authentically crafted and hand-painted and is perfect for young collectors.

Breyer Freedom Series Grulla Paint Horse

This Grulla Paint Horse is known for her colourful coat pattern and stock horse body type.

Breyer Freedom Series Mahogany Bay Thoroughbred

The Thoroughbred is widely used for racing, but also is a wonderful mount for recreational riders.