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Gardman Bird Feeder Cleaning Brush

Ideal for all bird feeders, but especially tubular styles. Long reach handle gives easier access to all feeders. Flexible shaft allows brush to move past seed ports Total Length 16" (40cm) Brush And Reach 12" (30cm)

Gardman Black Steel Thistle Feeder Large

Durable metal feeder for nyjer seed and finch seed blend Quick release top and base for easy filling and cleaning FeedSafe biocidal coating kills bacteria on contact Holds 200g nyjer seed or finch blend H19cm

Gardman Compact Ground Feeder Tray

A metal micromesh tray Perfect for ground feeding birds like Blackbirds, Thrushes and Robins Holds 370g seed mix, 360g peanut bites, 265g sunflower seed, 370g peanuts, 525g suet treats, 120g mealworms or 9 fat snax 18cm square

Gardman Complete Feeding Station

This table accessory set includes everything you need to turn your garden in to a feeding haven and attract a wide variety of birds. Complete with four feeders as well as a bird bath and mesh feeding tray with an easy to assemble heavy-duty black metal pole four-way head and decorative finial providing a strong support. The metal pole has a spiked bottom so that it can be pushed directly into the ground or can be put into a feeding station patio stand. Assemble then sit back and relax whilst seeing all the different types of birds you can attract to your garden.Height when fully extended: 226cm. Contains 1 x 22.5cm diameter micro mesh feeder tray 2 x midi silo seed feeders 1 x midi silo peanut feeder 1 x premium suet feast feeder 1 x split level bird bath.

Gardman Fat Snax Feeder Ring

All metal cage for feeding Fat Snax Diameter 25cm. Holds 8 Fat Snax

Gardman Feeding Station Patio Stand

Heavy cast iron base supports 22.5mm, 25mm & 29mm feeding station poles Diameter 36.5cm approx. allows feeding stations to be moved around the garden ideal for patios & decked areas

Gardman Flip Top Feeder Fat Snax Standard

Durable plastic and steel feeder for fat snax Flip top lid for easy filling and cleaning Height 20cm - Holds 3 Fat Snax

Gardman Flip Top Feeder Nut Large

Gardman Flip Top Large Peanut Feeder for Wild Birds provides a metal mesh and durable plastic feeder for whole peanuts. A ready-to-hang wild bird feeder with easy re-fill flip top lid designed for one handed opening, ideal solution for handling peanut feed. Approx Peanut feed capacity 490g. Product endorsed by the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology).

Gardman Flip Top Feeder Seed Large

Gardman Flip Top Seed Feeder is a durable, plastic feeder for all types of bird seed, sunflower seed and peanut bites Flip top lid for easy filling and cleaning Easily hangs in trees and on dining stations Height: 28cm

Gardman Flip Top Feeder Sunflower Heart Large

Easy-fill strong plastic feeder with maxi seed ports • Height 28cm. Holds 600g Sunflower Hearts

Gardman Heavy Duty Feeder Nut

A heavy duty polished cast aluminium feeder designed for peanuts Features: Fully assembles for easy cleaning FeedSafe biocidal coating kills bacteria on contact Fill with peanuts Height: 33cm

Gardman Heavy Duty Feeder Seed Tray Large

Jumbo 12 Port durable plastic feeder for seed mix, sunflower seed and peanut bites Flip top lid and extra wide tube for easy filling and quick release base for easy cleaning Designed for easy usage Holds 2.75 kg of seed mix x 2.6 kg of peanut bites or 2 kg of sunflower seed