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Unwins Pea (Mangetout) Delikata Seeds

At last a mangetout pea which produces a delicious crop of conventional peas even when the pods are "past it" for mangetout purposes! Lightly steamed or boiled, mangetout peas can turn a meal into a feast, but they are just as easy to grow as any other peas. A welcome addition to summer salads when cooked and served still warm. Sow March to May. Harvest June to August.

Unwins Rocket Wildfire Seeds

A peppery and highly-nutritional variety of green leaf which you can pick again and again over summer. Add to salads for a peppery bite or sandwiches for a great garnish. Sow - March to October . Harvest - May to November.

Unwins Radish French Breakfast 3 Seeds

Perhaps the fastest-growing radish of all- so great to grow with your children too�as they can help to sow and see results in just weeks. Ideal for tasty summer salads, this traditional, classic variety has long scarlet roots with a white tip and a mild flavour.

Unwins Beetroot Boltardy Seeds

Boltardy can be sown early in the year right through to mid summer for successional crops. A most popular beetroot, and no wonder! Boltardy can be sown early in the year right through to mid summer for successional crops, and is slow to run to seed. It yields perfect, globe shaped beets of superb flavour and colour, and its flesh is usually free of unsightly ‘rings’. Quick cropping. Bolt resistant.

Unwins Strawberry Delician F1 Seeds

Strawberry Delican is a heavy cropper producing fantastic, fresh and aromatic flavours. Will produce a reliable harvests of good sized fruits throughout its life.

Unwins Lettuce Baby Leaf Mix Seeds

A fantastic blend of lettuce leaves that can be harvested as cut and come again or as baby leaf. This highly disease resistant variety will ensure you have a great crop all the way through to the summer and into early autumn. Sow March - October. Harvest May - October.

Unwins Carrot Nantes 2 Seeds

Carrot Nantes 2 Sow outdoors: February-June Harvest: May-October Quick cropping Ideal for patio tubs and baskets Good flowering in full sun

Unwins Salad Leaf Herb Mix Seeds

For a fresh, crisp green salad mix, look no further than this delightful combination of complementary flavours. Spicy salad rocket, tasty Greek cress, mild Mizuna, crunchy Tat Soi and crisp Pak Choi make this an easy to grow and very satisfying salad combination. Serve with your favourite salad dressing. Divine. Produces long fruits. High yielding. Sow:Mar-Aug. Blooms: May-Sep.

Unwins Onion Spring White Lisbon Seeds

A salad simply is not a salad without spring onions! White Lisbon is deservedly the most popular of all, yielding succulent stems with that characteristic ‘bite’. Gardener’s favourite. Quick growing.

Unwins Pumpkin Halloween Seeds

Whether you want pumpkins for making lanterns or for delicious pumpkin pie, this is one of the best varieties to choose. They will store until Christmas in a cool, dry place. Great for children. Stores well. Sow Date: Mar-May.

Unwins Spinach Beet Perpetual Seeds

Just as tasty and useful as true spinach, this 'A' leaf beet is productive for much longer. Delicious cooked and an interesting addition to salads.

Unwins Radish Crunchy Mix Seeds

Rhodos has exotic bell shaped marron flowers with a deep calyx which are in wonderful contrast to the deep green smooth foliage. It grows rapidly and is mostly grown as a climber, but is equally attractive grown in hanging baskets. Add a touch of the exotic to your garden! Bronze-green foliage. Dwarf variety. Sow Date: Jan-Mar.